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DJ Greg Poole


With over twenty-five years of spinning under his belt, Greg Poole has established a reputation as a DJ who can rock a party with a unique and eclectic mix.
After moving to NYC from upstate New York in 1990, Greg plugged into the downtown club scene where he cut his teeth as a DJ during the “golden era” hip-hop and formative years of house music. Starting with those two genres, he began to build his repertoire and incorporate other styles - reggae, soul, disco, rock, Latin and more - until he gained a reputation for weaving different genres into a cohesive mix to captivate a crowd. In 1998, he brought this wide palette of music to the nightclub Shine, where he and performers created electrifying synergy through DJing and cabaret. Soon after, he became interested in the UK Garage sound coming out of England with its combination of house beats, hip-hop MCing and booming ragga basslines. In 2000 he formed a collective of DJs and MCs called The Wikkid! Crew and launched a NYC’s premiere weekly UK Garage party called Wikkid! After two years of cultivating a devoted following, in 2003, Greg and the Wikkid! Crew captured the UK sound of the moment at the nexus of reggae, Drum & Bass, and nascent Grime and Dubstep in a mix for The Fader Magazine’s Suite 903 Series. He would then co-present a Grime/Hip Hop showcase in 2005 for Summerstage New York and BBC Radio 1 featuring Grime artists Kano, Roll Deep and Dipset’s Juelz Santana. That same year, Greg began shooting a documentary film on Grime MCs, which brought him to London from 2006-2010. There he continued shooting and DJing, maintaining a residency at The Dalston Jazz Bar, a legendary late-night sweatbox where dancers crammed the floor ‘til dawn. There he played a mixture of London’s underground club tracks, rare groove, disco classics, hip-hop, Latin and more.
Since returning to New York in 2010, Greg has held down residencies at Apotheke in Chinatown and Battery Harris in Williamsburg unifying party people playing his signature cross-genre selection. He has also taught DJing at Scratch DJ Academy and from from 2013-14 he presented a weekly online radio show for Radio Lily.
In 2015 Greg launched the new party No Wrong Turn house, uptempo hip-hop, classic underground and nu disco.