Justin Timberlake's Take Back the Night at Apotheke


Justin Timberlake's latest video features scenes of him performing at Yankee Stadium, driving through New York City in a 1970 Chevelle SS, dancing down Doyers Street, and culminates with a dance party here at Apotheke. Check it out!

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Jotted and Scribbled


Over to the side of the bar at Apotheke an apothecary cabinet with around 30 small square drawers runs along the wall beneath the Edison lights. Every so often the General Manager Caitlin will empty out the drawers and find notes that have been left behind by patrons. Written on the back of receipts, bits of newspaper, card stock, and yellowed notebook paper, the notes are as interesting and varied as each of the folks that come by for a drink. Look below for transcriptions of a few of our favorites:

“Moderation in Moderation – New York, New York”

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Prohibition Prescriptions: Remember the Maine, Ace of Spades, and Letters to Cuba


We updated our prescription list for Prohibition Wednesdays last week and added some new classic cocktails to the mix along with a few modern interpretations of classics. The new additions were chosen from the recipes prepared by a few of our mixologists and are a big hit. There are already a couple of standouts and for your pleasure and edification I’m posting a brief rundown of three favorites; Remember the Maine, Ace of Spades, and Letters to Cuba.

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Valentine's Day Cocktail - The Deal Closer


Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day beverage? Well whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, our expert mixologists certainly know how to woo with their cocktails. The Deal Closer is the perfect drink to end your day full of sappy romance with. Made with Absolut Vodka, Cucumber, Local Chinatown Aphrodisiacs, Mint, Lime, and Vanilla Essence this cocktail is sure to win you extra points with whoever you’re trying to impress.

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Absinthe Spoons


The absinthe spoon is one of the more elegant of a mixologist’s tools. A necessary part of the 19th Century French service ritual, the spoon is placed on the rim of the absinthe glass with a sugar cube on the flat perforated section. Then ice-cold water is dripped slowly onto the sugar cube to gradually dissolve it and allow the sugary water to fall into the glass and mix with the absinthe.

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Year of the Snake Celebration


We're hosting a special Chinese New Year celebration this Sunday sponsored by Tiger Beer and Absolut Vodka with performances by Live Footage and the Wan Chi Ming Dragon & Lion Dance team. The year of the snake will be ushered in with a bang!

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Euphoric Enhancers: The Seventh Sign


The Seventh Sign cocktail is a new addition to our Fall-Winter menu and based on its ingredients it definitely lives up to its euphoric enhancer label. The cocktail’s creator, Joe Petersen, made sure to include two key ingredients so that this cocktail left the drinker feeling happier and well-balanced. First, he added in Zubrowka Bisongrass Vodka. Not only is this his "favorite vodka" but it was also for centuries in Easter Poland seen as producing great power and increased youthfulness. As if that wasn't enough, he also added Seven Chakra Tea.

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Interviews from Behind the Bar: Joe Petersen


1) Mixology is? “For me it’s something I get to play with, experiment with. It’s something I can express with things that inspire me. It makes me feel like I’m a chef when I make these drinks.”
2) Inspiration for my drinks comes from? “Things around me. Loved ones, the seasons. The fact that if I have an idea that comes to me I have the freedom and the range at Apotheke to play with it and make it a reality. I want people to have explosions in their mouths when they try my drinks.”

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Dr. Ruth x Two


World-renowned sex therapist (and former SNIPER in the Israeli underground) Dr. Ruth Westheimer paid our little absinthe den a visit this last weekend. Here she is posing with our lovely waitress Vija, her VIRGIN Dr. Ruth in hand, and the irony of it all brimming from her iconic grin. If this doesn't get your head spinning, how about another drink, how about a Dr. Ruth? Don't worry she approves, "Just not too much. If she drinks too much, she falls asleep, if he drinks too much he can't perform." You heard the woman.

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